Symptoms of Tiredness

It is normal to feel tired occasionally. However, some people experience tiredness on a regular basis. This can be an indicator of an underlying problem that may need medical attention. It can be hard to determine what is normal and what constitutes a visit with a doctor. One important tip that everybody should always use is to follow your gut instinct. The body knows when something is not right.

Tiredness is described as a general lack of energy or motivation. This can affect a person’s ability to function normally in daily life activities. Women are more likely to experience chronic tiredness than men. Some symptoms associated with tiredness can be relieved after a few good night’s sleep or a relaxing vacation from work.

A person may notice they do not have the energy needed to complete daily household chores like folding laundry or washing the dishes. Things like driving or watching TV exacerbate the tired feeling, and a person may unintentionally fall asleep. If a person finds they need to take at least one nap during the day, they may be experiencing chronic tiredness. People who are tired are generally very irritable. A person experiencing tiredness may have little to no patience and be quick to anger. This is a difficult situation for those who need to interact with the general public.

Other symptoms that are not quite as obvious include depression or a difficult time making decisions. Depression itself can lead to even more tiredness, lack of motivation and an inability to concentrate. These symptoms can make simple tasks like deciding what to make for dinner a monumental task. Performance on the job is dramatically affected by tiredness as well. In some jobs, it can be a danger. Lack of concentration can cause a person to make mistakes they normally would not.

Another symptom that is often not noticed involves food cravings. Tiredness may cause a person to crave foods high in sugar, caffeine or salt. These food cravings combined with a lack of energy can contribute to weight gain. A diet based on these food cravings can lead to digestive problems, unhealthy looking skin and hair and poor health in general.